Nature has a 2X MATCH Made Possible by Viewers Like YOU!

Posted on Nov 28, 2018

The best people to ask for a donation are those who donates to the cause themselves. And that’s just what some of our KLRU Sustaining Members and Nature fans—including Jan & Orion Knox and Cindy & Jim Barnett—are doing! They’ve made additional donations to our winter drive to issue a matching challenge up to $2,000 this evening. Won’t you accept their dollar-for-dollar challenge match in support of the quality programming you enjoy on KLRU?

We’ve got a long way to go to reach our $220,000 goal by Sunday, but your donation today can have twice the impact thanks to this generous match. And just like these loyal Think Wednesday viewers, you’ll know you’ve supported exciting programming that curious minds crave.

"Wednesday nights are one of our favorites on KLRU. We enjoy watching both Nature and NOVA. Nature allows us to see animals up close that we might never get the chance to see in person. The photos and the narrative are always first class. We often wonder how they get such amazing photos and appreciate all the hard work that goes into these programs." Jan & Orion Knox

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KLRU and Central Texas needs you to help keep outstanding programs on the air and commercial free. Will you answer this challenge from KLRU Sustaining Members and Nature fans by making your gift right now?