Just Days Left...

Posted on Mar 11, 2019

I wanted to let you know that KLRU is at the tail end of our Spring Fund Drive. We have $30,560 left to raise to meet our $220,000 goal! I really hope you'll join us this March, because it's individuals like you who keep KLRU creating, educating and growing. Did you know that KLRU broadcasts in 18 surrounding counties? When you give to KLRU, you cast a wide net of support. Your financial contribution gives back to all those viewers in all those 18 counties. From children just learning their ABCs to theater fans who thrill at world-class stage performances, KLRU is a window to the world...and when you make your gift today, you open that window!

Fund drives are an integral part of the PBS model, where members of the public like you — not corporate advertisers — decide whether or not to keep stations like KLRU around. Three times a year my colleagues and I come on the air and make the case for the value of KLRU and ask you to give if you can. If you believe in that value — if shows like Masterpiece, Frontline, NOVA, This Old House and Wild Kratts are important to you — then now is the time to give back.

You can donate through our secure link: https://www.klru.org/donate?March2019

When you contribute, you can pick from a variety of thank you gifts! Select a program from our pull down menu, choose your donation type and check out the thank you gifts available for that show. I recommend the KLRU tote and KLRU baseball tee available under PBS NewsHour. Both are practical, cute and a great way to show off your KLRU pride around town.

0319 tshirt tote blog

The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 reads that "expansion and development of public telecommunications and of diversity of its programming depend on freedom, imagination and initiative on both local and national levels." Every year it's YOUR initiative which allows this community-supported station to thrive.

Thank you for your dedication to KLRU!

Susannah Winslow
Vice President, Development