A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

The Mona Lisa Smile

The horrors of the war cast a long, unwelcome shadow over Inverness as Jack heads out around town with Sarah on her first day at work. Olivia searches for any memento James may have kept of the woman he loved in Europe. (46 minutes)

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Sat, 9/21 at 8:47 pm on KLRU HDTV


Receiving word that her mother is gravely ill, Sarah gets a lift to Sydney with George and Anna. Elizabeth takes the decision to reveal her darkest secret in the hope that it can help James and Olivia see that there is hope for their marriage. (46 minutes)

Sat, 9/21 at 9:33 pm on KLRU HDTV

Worlds Apart

Elizabeth is rushed to hospital where Jack confirms she has suffered a heart attack. Jack tenderly looks after Elizabeth as she recovers. Heavily sedated and rambling, Elizabeth comes close to revealing a secret of her past. (46 minutes)

Sat, 9/21 at 10:19 pm on KLRU HDTV

Cane Toad

Sarah and George begin a secret affair and start meeting at the cottage for their romantic trysts. Anna attempts to subtly push her father towards Sarah, hoping that if she can get them together he will be more open to her relationship with Gino. (44 minutes)

Sat, 9/28 at 8:47 pm on KLRU HDTV

Lest We Forget

On the eve of Remembrance Day, George is asked to host a Japanese trade delegation. Knowing how the community will feel, George asks Jack to come to the reception in the hope that the approval of a former Japanese POW might help. (47 minutes)