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Fri, 8/23 at 11:00 am on KLRU PBS Kids

Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard; D.W.'s Very Bad Mood

"Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard" and "D.W.'s Very Bad Mood.". (30 minutes)

Fri, 8/23 at 4:30 pm on KLRU HDTV

The Pageant Pickle; Some Assembly Required

Arthur learns about making sacrifices when it comes time for D.W.'s spring pageant; D.W. tries to be patient while her new play set is put together. (30 minutes)

Fri, 8/23 at 5:00 pm on KLRU HDTV

Rhyme for Your Life; For Whom the Bell Tolls

Binky falls asleep while writing a poem; Arthur takes care of D.W. after she loses her voice. (30 minutes)

Mon, 8/26 at 11:00 am on KLRU PBS Kids

The World of Tomorrow; Is There a Doctor in the House?

Binky dreads the class sleepover at the museum; Arthur and D.W. take on responsibility when their parents get sick. (30 minutes)

Mon, 8/26 at 4:30 pm on KLRU HDTV

The Boy Who Cried Comet; Arthur and Los Vecinos

Buster believes that a comet is heading straight for Earth; Arthur learns about a different culture when a Spanish family moves in. (30 minutes)