Curious George

Curious George

(30 minutes)

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Fri, 8/23 at 8:00 am on KLRU HDTV

Shutter Monkey; George and the Giant Thumb

George and Steve accidentally ruin Betsy's pictures; George and Allie make a thumb sculpture. (30 minutes)

Mon, 8/26 at 8:00 am on KLRU HDTV

Curious George Sinks the Pirates; This Little Piggy

Hundley dreams about a big maritime adventure; George earns money to buy a sailboat. (30 minutes)

Tue, 8/27 at 8:00 am on KLRU HDTV

George Buys a Kite; Train of Light

George and Bill set out to buy the ultimate kite on display at the country store; George gets locked inside a department store. (30 minutes)

Wed, 8/28 at 8:00 am on KLRU HDTV

Curious George, Spy Monkey; Castle Keep

George goes under cover and follows the Man With the Yellow Hat; George goes on a wild chase after a squirrel steals his golf ball. (30 minutes)