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These days, as big events, big changes and big issues come at us fast, the trusted sources of news you find on KLRU take on even more value and importance.

PBS NewsHourFRONTLINE and Washington Week in Review offer the kind of reliable reporting and analysis you need – thoughtful, thorough, civil and TRUSTED.

At a time when the future of federal funding is in real danger, YOUR viewer support is absolutely vital! And longtime KLRU supporters Lonnie and Polly Cooper couldn’t agree more.

“In a mounting world of noise and political agendas, KLRU and PBS is one of the only media outlets that earns our trust and appreciation each and every day. It’s important to us that PBS presents a multitude of perspectives on a viewpoint, issue or event in history.”

This is why Lonnie and Polly Cooper are committed to making a big impact on KLRU’s Day of Giving with a $15,000 challenge match to the Central Texas community. For every dollar received today, the Coopers will contribute the same amount up to $15,000, potentially helping KLRU bring in a total of $30,000 (that’s halfway to our $60,000 goal)!


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There’s simply no substitute for the independent, public mission that stands behind our commitment to bring the best in news and public affairs.

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