24 hours to make an impact!

You have 24 hours to make an impact starting tonight at midnight!

Over the past several drives you’ve allowed KLRU to shorten the amount of hours spent fundraising on-air, giving you back more of the programs you love. And this August we’re doing it again by cutting a full week off the on-air drive! But we need your support to make it happen…

KLRU has just 24 hours to raise $60,000! August 1st begins KLRU’s Day of Giving and I’m officially challenging you to make an impact by making a donation.


And the best way to accept this challenge is to become a Sustaining Member! Your ongoing monthly gift will help sustain everything you love about KLRU and will make a lasting difference in your Central Texas community:

$5 a month = 1 hour of PBS KIDS programming
$10 a month = 1 Indie Lens Pop-Up community screening
$20 a month = ½ hour of trusted public affairs programming
$42 a month = 1 tablet loaded with PBS KIDS apps for a low-income child
$84 a month = 1 hour of arts, drama & cultural programming, like Masterpiece

Giving Day only gifts! We have a limited quantity of KLRU branded YETI ramblers – become a $12/month Sustaining Member or donate $144 to secure yours today before they run out! Also, when you make a donation of any amount, we’ll send you an I Heart PBS pin. When you become a Sustaining Member at any level, we’ll send you a KLRU Fan KitDonate $72 or become a $6/month Sustaining Member and we’ll thank you with an I Heart PBS t-shirt. Share your love for KLRU and PBS all around town!

The future of KLRU and its public mission belong to you. Please show your support for the programs you love on KLRU now with your contribution.