Jen Grogono

uStudio Inc.

Women are tremendously underrepresented in tech industries, making female tech CEOs incredibly rare. This makes Jen an anomaly in her field. Following a philosophy of staying true to herself, she has become a pioneer in digital technology. Jen is CEO of uStudio Inc., where she works to help professional video creators efficiently reach their audiences. Previously, Jen spent more than 15 years building and implementing strategic marketing and integrated communications programs across a range of technology, consumer and public service organizations.

About Women and Girls Lead:

Women and Girls Lead is a multi-year public media initiative to focus, educate, and connect citizens worldwide in support of the issues facing women and girls. Combining independent documentary film, television, new media, and global outreach partnerships, Women and Girls Lead amplifies the voices of women and girls acting as leaders, expands understanding of gender equity, and engages an international network of citizens and organizations to act locally and reach out globally.

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