Power Paths
Local Filmmakers Featured on Independent Lens
Independent Lens "Eyes of Me"
March 2 | 8 p.m. | KLRU's Austin City Limits Studio

Three films by Austin filmmakers were featured as part of Independent Lens this season. UT's Paul Stekler will talk with the three directors about their projects and then there will be a screening of the broadcast version of Eyes of Me.

Discussion was from 8-9, Eyes of Me screening at 9 (this is also when it aired on KLRU). Doors open at 7.

Eyes of Me

Keith Maitland's uplifting documentary THE EYES OF ME accomplishes what the best films do ­ take us into another world and help us see/feel what it is like to be other people with different situations, experiences, and options. In this case, we follow the lives of four young students, who, like so many teenagers, talk about school, home, family, jobs, romance, and friends.

Horse Boy
Horse Boy

How far would you travel to heal someone you love? For one Texas couple, it means a spiritual journey halfway around the world to Mongolia. When their son is diagnosed with autism, they seek the best treatments but nothing works. Until they discover their son's connection to horses and the effect it has on him. Part travel adventure and shamanic quest, this is the story
of how one family found a gateway into understanding their son's life.


Has your life ever taken an unexpected detour? Director Karen Skloss reunites with her biological mother to tell a personal story about adoption, life as a single mother, while grappling with the definition of family. Young, pregnant, single and unprepared, Skloss struggles with the incredible ironies­­that history repeated itself and that efforts to protect family can sometimes do the most harm.

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Native American Heritage Month
Independent Lens "Power Paths"
November 17 | 7 p.m. | KLRU's Austin City Limits Studio

It's time to cut our dependence on fossil fuel and pursue renewable energy. But how can it be done? Native American tribes turn to solar and wind sources to provide clean sustainable energy for cities across the West. Their traditional values toward conservation and the earth offer real solutions to America's energy crisis. A panel discussion on energy issues will immediately follow this screening. Information about our panelists is available on the KLRU blog.

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KLRU Local Productions
Central Texas Gardener, InContext.tv, Texas Monthly Talks & more
October 20 | 7 p.m. | KLRU's Austin City Limits Studio

Producers and hosts from KLRU's award-winning local productions will preview the new seasons of their series and answer questions about what it takes to make each show and talk about their favorite moments. KLRU will also present clips from a new local show called Austin Daytripper and let attendees tour Central Texas Gardener set.

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Hispanic Heritage Month
Latin Music USA
September 15 | 7 p.m. | KLRU's Austin City Limits Studio

From Latin jazz and mambo to salsa, Tejano, Chicano rock, Latin pop and reggaeton, Latin Music USA tells the story of the rise of new American music forged from powerful Latin roots and reveals the often overlooked influence of Latin music on jazz, hip hop, rhythm and blues and rock 'n' roll -- and on all of American culture. This documentary will be broadcast on KLRU in October. The free screening starts at 7 p.m. A panel discussion on Austin's Latin Music scene featuring Michael Crockett, host of KUT's Horizontes, David Garza, musician, and Rich Garza, cofounder of the Pachanga! Festival, will immediately follow the screening.