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Northland - 11 / 402
CMA - 9 / 465

KLRU Create

Over the air - 18.2
Grande - 283
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Google - 76
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Suddenlink - 143

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Google - 78
Suddenlink - 144

KLRU Schedule | Dickensian | Episode #109

Jaggers urges Barbary to make a plan but he refuses to believe all hope is lost and sets out to talk to all his previous business associates in the hope of getting a number of small loans. Honoria invites Captain Hawdon to tea determined to erase any thought of Sir Leicester as a suitor. Scrooge tells Barbary that if he can't pay by the end of the day he will think nothing of sending him to debtor's prison. During a very tense tea where Barbary challenges Hawdon as a suitor the bailiffs arrive to take Barbary away. Honoria and Frances are bereft. Devastated by the loss of Jip Amelia is amazed then horrified by Compeyson's callousness when he arrives with a puppy. Compeyson feigns ignorance - the puppy was simply a gift for his god daughter, he had no idea Jip was missing. Compeyson acts hurt that Miss Havisham should think so little of him and reveals that she occupies his every waking thought but he was unwilling to confess this to her before as he had had his heart terribly broken. Moved by his story, Amelia promises to never hurt him and they kiss. Bucket questions Nancy and Dodger hoping to further break Fagin's alibi - but their loyalty is unwavering. Pressure mounts on Bucket when a reward poster goes up. Mrs Gamp moves in with Silas hoping to get her hands on his gin. Silas thinks she's there for an altogether different purpose and leaps on her in bed during her afternoon nap. Mrs Gamp is horrified - in fact only a stiff drink can calm her nerves. Mrs Bumble spends a fortune making their home look presentable for Mr Gradgrind's visit Peter is determined to buy Nell the comb she loves for her birthday.

Episode #109 / Length: 57 minutes


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