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Dish - 18
Google - 18
Suddenlink - 9
Northland - 11 / 402
CMA - 9 / 465

KLRU Create

Over the air - 18.2
Grande - 283
Spectrum - 1270
Google - 76
Suddenlink - 142


Over the air - 18.3
Grande - 284
Spectrum - 20 / 1268
Google - 77
Suddenlink - 143

PBS Kids

Over the air - 18.4
Grande - 285
Spectrum - 1269
Google - 78
Suddenlink - 144

KLRU Schedule | Bob the Builder | A Musical Note

Boogie Woogie Wonderland: Roland Sweet is opening a new game store and is seeking to publicize it outside of the shopping mall. Bob and the team are building a giant outdoor game-testing area for the occasion. Leo and Scoop are assembling the giant keyboard and the rest of the team is building the child-size dollhouse and the Snakes and Ladders board. Confident in his musical knowledge, Leo ignores the instructions and treats the keyboard as a jigsaw puzzle. The attempt is unsuccessful and Leo and Scoop must start over. Following the instructions, Leo and Scoop complete the project in time for Sylvain de Souza to dance out some fabulous tunes across the keyboard. Learning Goals: To recognize various ways to sort materials by size, color and shape and number. To learn about conflict resolution. To recognize the value in learning from mistakes. Tattie's Mash-Up: Bob and the team are building a Soft Play Cafe for Chef Tattie in an old warehouse by the docks. Leo shows off his 'mash-up' app and Chef decides that Leo should DJ for the Cafe's opening party tomorrow. Uncertain of his DJ abilities, Leo becomes distracted from the job and walks through spilled paints, trailing different colored footprints across the floor. Delighted by Leo's new 'design,' indecisive Chef Tattie decides to paint the disco room four different colors. Leo learns the dangers of multitasking and, in lieu of his DJing, Chef, Wendy, and Curtis sing at the opening party. Learning Goals: To explore creative problem solving. To learn to ask for help when needed. To learn the idea of focusing on work before play.

Visit the Website: http://www.bobthebuilder.com

Episode #911 / Length: 28 minutes


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