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KLRU Schedule | Window In The Waves: The Flower Garden Banks
Episode Details

Located 110 miles off the Louisiana/Texas coast, the corals of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary rank among the healthiest in the world, even though they lie in the middle of one of the most active oil and gas production areas on earth. Narrated by Penny Hammer, a Gulf Coast resident, WINDOW IN THE WAVES tells the intriguing story of the reefs' formation, their essential function as a haven for marine animals, their designation as a national sanctuary in 1992 and their critical importance to the global environment. Formed millions of years ago and protected by remoteness, the three reefs collectively cover 56 square nautical miles in the Gulf of Mexico- and teem with biodiversity. Stunning underwater footage gathered over the course of hundreds of dives reveals the diverse inhabitants, including hundreds of species of fish and invertebrates. Cameras also capture a spectacular annual event in the life of coral reefs. Seven to 10 days after the August Moon, sponges begin to smoke and corals produce an underwater snowstorm resulting in an explosion of new life. WINDOW IN THE WAVES also highlights the unique partnership forged among environmental groups, divers, fishermen and the oil and gas industry to protect this fragile underwater ecosystem from the ever-constant threat of overfishing, climate change, invasive species and pollution.

Visit the Website: http://www.lpb.org/waves

Length: 26 minutes


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