Over the air - 18.1
AT&T U-verse - 18 / 1018
Grande - 9 / 309
Spectrum - 9 / 1221
Direct TV - 18
Dish - 18
Google - 18
Suddenlink - 9
Northland - 11 / 402
CMA - 9 / 465

KLRU Create

Over the air - 18.2
Grande - 283
Spectrum - 1270
Google - 76
Suddenlink - 142


Over the air - 18.3
Grande - 284
Spectrum - 20 / 1268
Google - 77
Suddenlink - 143

PBS Kids

Over the air - 18.4
Grande - 285
Spectrum - 881
Google - 78
Suddenlink - 144

KLRU Schedule | Space Racers | Episode #110

Animation 1: Robyn's Winter Break Story: Winter Break is about to begin, and the cadets share their ambitious vacation plans: Hawk will visit 7,000 asteroids in seven days, Raven is going canyon racing on Mars, and Eagle will have fun ring diving around Saturn, but Robyn hasn't been able to make up her mind... other than to just go where her wings take her. In the last training race of the semester, however, she injures a wing and learns she'll have to recuperate at home during the whole break! With Crane and Coot's help, Robyn finds new ways of exploring interstellar space in the Space Academy Observatory. Who is going to have the most exciting Winter Break stories during show and tell? Curriculum Focus: Exploration and Investigation - explore new things as a way to broaden ones understanding. Interstitial 1: "MD Science Center 4- Night Sky Telescope". Animation 2: Three's a Crowd - Story: Utilizing a high-powered telescope, Robyn and Hawk locate a particular destination in space and fly there to seemingly spend some time together without inviting Eagle along. This leaves their friend frustrated and upset at being left out. After a series of fruitless attempts to learn why they went without him, Eagle locates the pair via the same telescope, and decides to secretly follow... all the way to Jupiter's volcanic moon, Io, where he observes their activities. When Eagle accidentally reveals himself, Robyn and Hawk resent being spied on. The friends quarrel - but soon find themselves having to frantically work together to escape an erupting volcano. Later, safely back on Earth, Eagle learns why his friends left without him: they wanted to surprise him with a weird-looking volcanic rock from Io for his "secret" oddly-shaped rock collection! Curriculum Focus: Tools can be used to do things better, and to do things that otherwise could not be accomplished at all. Interstitial 2: "Space Quiz 5: Moons of Jupiter". Character Bio: Raven.

Visit the Website: http://www.spaceracers.org

Episode #110 / Length: 28 minutes