Over the air - 18.1
AT&T U-verse - 18 / 1018
Grande - 9 / 309
Spectrum - 9 / 1221
Direct TV - 18
Dish - 18
Google - 18
Suddenlink - 9
Northland - 11 / 402
CMA - 9 / 465

KLRU Create

Over the air - 18.2
Grande - 283
Spectrum - 1270
Google - 76
Suddenlink - 142


Over the air - 18.3
Grande - 284
Spectrum - 20 / 1268
Google - 77
Suddenlink - 143

PBS Kids

Over the air - 18.4
Grande - 285
Spectrum - 881
Google - 78
Suddenlink - 144

KLRU Schedule | Space Racers | Episode #108

Animation 1: Cranberry Crater - Story: Coot introduces the class to a Spectrometer tool that analyzes the colors of light reflected off of objects in order to determine their composition. The cadets try aiming it at various surfaces and planets, and are excited about the results it provides. But when he points it toward the Moon, Hawk is surprised when the Spectrometer announces that a lunar crater is made of "Cranberry Rocket Fuel"! To further investigate Hawk's amazing finding, the Racers fly to the Moon where they meet Trogon, a Russian rocket scientist who's working in the crater. Will they be able to solve the riddle of Cranberry Crater together? Curriculum Focus: Observation - use any of the senses or a combination of multiple senses to gain information. Interstitial 1: "Goddard 1- How a Crater is Formed". Animation 2: Dodo in Distress - Story: Coot has designed a new satellite dish for closer observation of Jupiter, which the Racers have to place in orbit around the giant gas planet. Meanwhile, in an egotistical scheme to broadcast his new TV channel all over the Solar System, Vulture plans to hijack the satellite for his own purposes. So he secretly dispatches Dodo to follow the Racers, and then plant a piggybacking transmitter on the dish. The hapless assistant dutifully follows the cadets to Jupiter... but gets lost in one of its rings and is forced to send a distress signal. With the help of the dish, the Racers try to locate and rescue Dodo. Will they be able to save him from his own troubles, and will Vulture successfully hijack the new satellite to broadcast his megalomaniac messages across the Solar System? Curriculum Focus: The right tools and the right techniques help us get the job done more efficiently. Interstitial 2: "Space Art 2- Make a Telescope". Character Bio: Vulture.

Visit the Website: http://www.spaceracers.org

Episode #108 / Length: 28 minutes