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KLRU Schedule | Global 3000
Saving The Few Snow Leopards Left

Saving the Snow Leopards of Kyrgyzstan - Snow leopards are an endangered species. The Kyrgyz call the beautiful cats the "Spirits of the Mountains". In Kyrgyzstan poaching has decimated the population in the last 30 years - from 1,400 to an estimated 300. A German nature conservancy group, NABU, runs a sanctuary for snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan. NABU and the Kyrgyz government train wildlife wardens to patrol the mountains and high plateaus. They track down poachers and seek to put them out of business, and they bring injured or helpless leopards to their spacious sanctuary, where they are looked after and can live in peace and safety. Football for Gangsters in South Africa - Townships in Cape Town can be dangerous places. Youngsters can easily slip into a life of crime. But there is an alternative, at least for some: playing football at the Amandla Soccer School can help them off the pitch too, in all kinds of ways. A young German named Florian Zech who came to the Cape in 2006 set up Amandla. It now comprises 135 teams and helps keep thousands of kids off the streets. The coaches also talk to the youngsters about personal problems and encourage them to believe in themselves and make something of their lives. Global Snack Panama: Patacon - People in Panama love patacones, crispy slices of fried plantain. Rigoberto Velazquez Cortez runs a popular food stall in downtown Panama City that specializes in patacones. They are fried twice in hot oil, often eaten with sausage or meat, and typically washed down with a sweet fruit drink. From the slums to a model farm in the Philippines - Almost a third of Filipinos work on farms, but most of them earn very little. Many leave the countryside to find work, and end up living in urban slums. Rural development programs seek to slow or reverse that trend. Cherrie Atilano runs a farm for former slum-dwellers. At 'Enchanted Farm', each family has a house with running water and electricity. The adults learn new skills, and the children go to school.

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Episode #640 / Length: 26 minutes