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KLRU Schedule | Global 3000
Lion Fish Invasion: Invasive Change In Biodiversit

Belize: Fight against the Lion Fish Invasion - Lion fish might look pretty but they are gluttonous pests that are threatening the eco-system of the Caribbean Sea and beyond. They eat whatever they can swallow, and with their venomous spikes, they have virtually no natural enemies. They are also unpopular among fishermen, who fear their painful sting. But the marine protection organization, Blue Ventures, is waging war on the fish, which breed so quickly that they are posing a threat to the Belize Barrier Reef, the world's second largest after Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Intent on saving the reef, Jennifer Chapman of Blue Ventures is trying to create a market for lion fish in Belize. The only way to keep numbers down is to show fishermen how to catch the predatory pest without being stung, and to convince restaurant owners to serve the fish as a delicacy. And the strategy could work. Medical Care for Brazil's Poor: social entrepreneur Roberto Kikawa - Brazil's state health system is ailing. Those who do not belong to the upper echelons of society spend months and even years waiting for necessary medical examinations and treatment. For some the appointment comes too late. Dr. Robert Kikawa is working towards changing things. With his CIES project, he ensures medical examinations in areas where they are most needed, and hopes his initiative will help improve the long-term sustainability and health of the overall system. Bananas from Guinea: more business, more affluence - According to the 2014 Bertelsmann Transformation Index (BTI), many countries in central and western Africa are experiencing a stagnation or decline in the transformation of their market economies. In Guinea, which is largely reliant on fishing and agriculture to feed and employ the nation, the promise of democratization has been hampered by ethnic tensions and the postponement of fair elections. But that is not stifling initiative. Almost ten years ago, farmers from Samaya, west of the capital Conakry, got together to set up a cooperative. Today the organization has more than 200 members and counting. Forty new producers have applied to join since the start of the year, and the cooperative is now offering practical training on its plantations. Voluntary Street Teacher: Heena Shaikh - Heena is 20 years old and spends her time teaching street children in the sprawling metropolis of Mumbai, India. She is not a teacher by profession, but she did graduate successfully from high school. Her work helping children with their English and Marathi studies is voluntary, and she hopes to collect professional experience that will ultimately lead to a good office job.

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Episode #635 / Length: 26 minutes