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KLRU Schedule | Global 3000
Drowning Culture With Dams In Turkey

Turkey: Culture Heritage Under Water - Turkey is building a huge dam on the river Tigris to generate energy for irrigation. Entire villages including Hasankeyf, which dates back to the Bronze Age, are to be submerged. The Ilisu dam is set to be completed this year, filling up the 135-kilometer-long Tigris Valley like a giant bathtub. Hundreds of unexplored archaeological sites are to be flooded for the dam project, although experts say the move would impact an area of huge historical significance. Info film: the Value of Forests - Forests have always played a significant role for humankind. They offer protection from landslides, store drinking water, filter out toxic matter from the air and capture carbon dioxide. An intact standing tree should be worth more than a felled one. Zambia: Measuring Forests - The Miombo, the world's largest dry forest area, is shrinking. Each year, an area the size of Northern Ireland is chopped down. In Zambia, teams of rangers and botanists are documenting how the forest is changing and showing residents how to carry out sustainable forestry. The REDD+ mechanism, funded by industrialized nations, secures money for developing nations to preserve their forests. Zambia wants to benefit. We accompany a team of local rangers during an inventory of the Miombo forest. Global Living Room: Maria Campos, Costa Rica - Maria Campos is a dance and yoga teacher and lives in Santa Ana, a suburb of the Costa Rican capital, San Jose. She shows us her living room and the three generations of her family. South Korea: Living to Learn - For years, South Korea has been one of the highest achievers on the international school tests known as PISA thanks to a combination of hard work and discipline. But there's stiff competition among students, with some 700,000 vying for the few places at top universities. Much depends on the choice of kindergarten. It has to be the best, followed by a good primary school, a top-notch high school and so on. Sending their child to top-flight educational institutes is what a family in South Korea usually works hard for all their life.

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Episode #628 / Length: 26 minutes