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KLRU Schedule | European Journal
Ukraine: Tug-of-war In Crimea

Ukraine: Tug-of-war in Crimea - In Ukraine and Crimea, fear is growing that the country may soon be divided. The Crimean Tatars are particularly concerned about the prospect of the peninsula falling into Russian hands. The Crimean Tatars once ruled the entire region. The Turkic ethnic group first came to the peninsula in the 15th century. In 1944, they were deported by Stalin to central Asia. Today there are about 250,000 Crimean Tatars in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the south of Ukraine. The majority of the population there is of Russian descent. Now many Crimean Tatars fear they may once again become subject to persecution and expulsion. Belgium: Taking on traffic - Brussels ranks as the city with the worst traffic delays in the world, ahead of even Los Angeles, Milan and London. Now the authorities are considering introducing a road toll to reduce congestion. The Brussels chamber of commerce estimates that traffic jams in Belgium's capital cost the city 500 million euros a year. A test with 1,200 drivers has been launched to see if an electronic road toll could help. Much of the traffic congestion is caused by commuters who work in Brussels but live outside the city. Britain: A newspaper defies the intelligence service - The Guardian has been under pressure ever since it began reporting about the scale of US and British spy programs. The British newspaper has even been threatened with closure. The Guardian has taken on a very powerful opponent. Over the past months, the newspaper has been publishing stories based on information revealed by Edward Snowdon. Among the disclosures is that British intelligence is able to monitor all private online activity in Europe. Though the newspaper has been the target of threats and intimidation, it continues to publish new revelations. Greece: Fishing with light and spears (Series Europe by Night) - The residents of the Greek island of Milos are concerned that their tradition of spear-fishing at night using lamps to attract the fish may be banned. Every year between February and May, fishermen from the island of Milos go out to catch fish using the "pyrofani" spear-fishing method, which entails lighting the surface of the sea with bright lamps to attract fish. Because fish stock have declined near the island, the plan is that only professional fishermen will be able to obtain permits to fish by this method. Amateur fishermen on Milos are incensed. Italy: "The Wrecker" in the driver's seat - The hopes of the entire country are resting on Matteo Renzi, Italy's new prime minister. Renzi calls himself "the wrecker" because he wants to do away with entrenched structures. "Subito" - or "immediately" - is one of Matteo Renzi's favorite words. Italy's new prime minister is resolved to undertake reforms - immediately. He's promised radical transformation, with one reform each month. At just 39 years of age, Renzi is also Italy's youngest ever prime minster. There's already concern that he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Critics also say that his cabinet is short on national and international experience. Thirty-two years on Public Television!

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Episode #3210 / Length: 26 minutes