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KLRU Schedule | European Journal
Overthrow In Ukraine, Enormous Problems Ahead

Ukraine: Overthrow - In Ukraine, after weeks of protests, the opposition is back in center stage. An arrest warrant has now been issued for Viktor Yanukovych, still president of the country a few days ago. Yanukovych's ouster was preceded by bloody confrontations on Kiev's Independence Square. The situation escalated after several demonstrators were shot dead. Only after efforts at mediation by several EU foreign ministers could the violence be stopped. Yanukovych fled and the imprisoned opposition politician Yulia Tymoshenko was released. But Ukraine faces enormous problems. The country is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Russia has suspended part of a financial aid package, but the International Monetary Fund, European Union and US have now promised billions in aid. Turkey: The Dream of being a Referee - The conservative southeast of Turkey is far from being a bastion of female equality. So it's quite a sensation when individual women find a voice, even on the football pitch. A young Kurd has now managed to become the region's first female professional referee. The young physical education teacher has had her license for just half a year. She sees herself as a pioneer and wants to contribute to change. On the other hand, she has to endure both distrust and pressure. In all of Turkey, women's football is a relatively new sport, and across the country there are only a handful of female referees. Northern Ireland: Undercover Force - During the Troubles in Northern Ireland, Britain deployed a controversial secret unit, said to have shot dead members of the armed Catholic IRA and covered up murders by the pro-British paramilitary group the UVF, according to an increasing number of witness statements. This death squad operated into the 1970s, eliminating targeted IRA members. Members of the unit, the Military Reaction Force, have now confirmed that themselves. Force members were said to have worked undercover, camouflaged as trash collectors, street sweepers and homeless people in the Catholic districts. 40 men are said to have belonged to the force. More and more relatives of victims are now demanding their cases be re-heard. In Britain an amnesty for such crimes, committed before the Good Friday Agreement, has been under discussion for months. Spain: A Home from Home for Star-Gazers (Series: Europe by Night) - Among the many attractions to behold on La Palma is the island's observatory. It's the most popular site in Europe among amateur astronomers. Astronomy tourism is such a big deal on the island that the authorities have even passed special regulations for street lighting and other pollutants of the air; excessive light levels render the stars invisible. Four years ago the world's largest optical telescope was inaugurated on the highest mountain of La Palmas - guaranteeing outstanding views of outer space.

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Episode #3209 / Length: 26 minutes