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KLRU Schedule | Global 3000 | Children In The Workforce

Global Protests - The young take to the streets - Since 2011 young people around the world have been in the vanguard of protests against authoritarian regimes, social problems and the power of big banks. The wave of protests began in Tunisia. A common theme is the feeling of being excluded and left behind in political decision-making and economic development. Protests have erupted in much of the Arab world, Spain, Brazil, the United States and elsewhere. In the wake of the global financial crisis, many states are deep in debt and cutting spending radically. Popular anger is directed at governments, the banks and the rich: They are rescued or even continue to prosper, while ordinary people and the poor are left to struggle. Child Labor Unions in Nigeria - There are now child labor unions in 25 African countries and their aim is to defend the rights of their members and draw attention to abuse, trafficking and exploitation. Child labor may be banned in Nigeria, but countless children nonetheless have to work there: it is estimated that a quarter of all children under 14 in Nigeria have a job. The unions are not calling for an end to child labor but for improved conditions. Global Shaper Ecuador - TECHO builds houses for the poor - The Global Shapers Community is a network of hubs developed and led by exceptional young people determined to make a contribution to their communities. It is supported by the World Economic Forum. We visited Quito, Ecuador, to meet with one of these young people, Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter. She works for an NGO called TECHO, which builds housing for poor people with materials it receives as donations. No Prospects in Wealthy Sweden - School leavers in Sweden are having a hard time finding work. The unemployment rate for 16-to-24-year-olds is more than 23 percent. How can that be? Sweden is a prosperous country and, since it is not a member of the eurozone, it has not been directly affected by the crisis there. The problem, it turns out, is youngsters with insufficient education or training. Sweden's firms need highly skilled staff. Changes to the education system are being introduced to try to solve the problem "Balaknama" - The Voice of Street Children - It is estimated that 19 million children live on the streets in India. Either they have to hustle to support their families, or they have run away from their families. They can tell their stories in the street-kids' newspaper Balaknama. Jyoti lives under a bridge in Delhi. She is 15 and she collects trash in the mornings. Later in the day, she is a journalist. She writes about child labor, police harassment and abuse, for a newspaper run by children for children.

Visit the Website: http://www.dw-world.de/english/global3000

Episode #548 / Length: 26 minutes