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KLRU Schedule | Global 3000
New View Of Mapping The World

Grenada: Combating water shortage - June and July 2013 were the driest months in Grenada in two decades. The climate on the Caribbean island changes rapidly; sudden torrential rainfall is often followed by increasingly lengthy periods of drought. That means clean water is in short supply, which is a huge problem for the island's inhabitants. Together with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and with the support of the International Climate Initiative (ICI), Grenadians want to try and combat their water problem. Existing wells have to be built deeper, and there's a need for more efficient farm irrigation systems. Plus there's another challenge: how to implement measures to save water, not least within Grenada's tourist industry. Questionnaire: Konprawee Sinudom from Thailand - Konprawee Sinudom lives in Kaeng Khoi, in Saraburi province. She loves working in her own hairdressing salon. For her, globalization is a good thing because it has helped to improve a lot of things in Thailand. A New View of the World - Maps that Tell Stories - Maps are used for orientation. But Benjamin Hennig's atlases help give a different perspective on the world. The cartographer's maps look beyond the political and geographical surface, and show things normal maps do not: the actual living standards of people across the planet. Hennig creates maps that show neither the size nor the topography of a nation, but rather convey other information such as child mortality, access to electricity and precipitation. Ghana: Looking for Refuge in the Witch Camps - The belief in witches and evil spirits is widespread in many parts of Africa. Women who find themselves accused of witchcraft are persecuted, and violence against them is commonplace. Often their accusers come from within their closest circle of friends and family. It is single women who tend to end up the victims of witchcraft allegations and the ensuing violence. As many as 3,000 women live in internal exile in Ghana after having been branded witches. For many of them, the only alternative to life as a complete outcast is to flee and join women who've shared their fates in remote settlements known as "witch camps".

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Episode #546 / Length: 26 minutes