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KLRU Schedule | Global 3000
Clicking Clients' Likes For Cash

Costa Rica - Adapting to Climate Change - Costa Rica is a pioneer when it comes to climate protection - and it's especially affected by climate change, from rising ocean temperatures to altered weather patterns. Conservation zones are meant to help nature adapt to the changes. An advisory project organized by the GIZ is looking for ways to manage conservation areas in a sustainable way for both people and nature. With a goal of being climate neutral by 2021, Cost Rica is a pioneer in climate protection. But there are some problems when it comes to adapting to the inevitable effects of climate change. The increase in protected areas along the coast is increasing fishermen's worries about their livelihoods. Bangladesh - Clicks for Cash - Consumers are increasingly looking at the number of "likes" or "upvotes" a company has on websites. Social media platforms are booming, and companies around the world want to improve their images with the help of more "likes." Companies called "click farms" are helping with that. There's a new business model in Bangladesh. Employees sit in front of computers around the clock, increasing the numbers of their clients' fans. Japan - An Aging Population - Demographic shift in Japan means fewer births and longer life expectancy. In some villages, seniors make up 70 percent of the population. The nursing industry is responding by recognizing a huge market in caring for the elderly. It's a lucrative market, but it can't hide the demographic problems driving it. An aging population leads to less consumption overall, reducing public revenue. Mozambique - Children Having Children - Ilse Guambe is a 15-year-old mother who's been married for two years. Child brides and teen pregnancies are widespread in Mozambique. More than half the country's girls are wed before they've reached the age of majority. The UN's Population Fund is using a broadly based educational campaign to try to change people's minds about the issue - especially the minds of village elders. One important aspect of the issue is adequate medical care for young girls who've suffered complications from giving birth.

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Episode #545 / Length: 26 minutes