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KLRU Schedule | Global 3000
Preserving A Little Piece Of Paradise

New Climate Strategy in the Dominican Republic - The Dominican Republic is using creative ideas to help protect the environment. Just outside the capital, Santo Domingo, a cement factory generates the energy it needs by burning car tires instead of oil. And, with a little help from some worms, a hotel in the tourist destination of Punta Cana uses biomass to power its laundry service. The Caribbean country is pursuing the ambitious target of reducing its carbon dioxide emissions by 25% in the coming years -- and is receiving support from the International Climate Initiative. Myanmar: New Freedoms, New Styles - Young designers and creative types have set up shop in Myanmar's former capital, Yangon. They're producing fashions that were unthinkable just a few years ago. The longyi -- a skirt-like traditional piece of apparel worn by both Burmese men and women -- is being reinterpreted and influenced by Western styles. Iconic opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has also become a fashion icon. Many Burmese women -- young and old -- want to wear what she does. Using Comics to Save the Planet - Sebastian Jenal, better known as Ozi, is a cartoonist and environmental activist. He's initiated the "Bonn Climate Ambassador" program to get young children interested in protecting the environment. His comics are printed in a school magazine that's distributed to primary schools across Bonn. It them, his heroes explain what the Greenhouse Effect and climate protection are all about. And each year hundreds of the western German city's students become proud owners of what's known as a "climate license". Future Stars - Black Opera Singers in South Africa - During the apartheid era Cape Town's opera house was the sole preserve of the city's white elite. But times have changed. Now even young black South Africans from the townships are taking up opera. They have plenty of talent and ambition, but little money to pay for training to become professional singers. Still that hasn't stopped Linda Nteleza and Thesele Kemanem, two young people from the townships, from pursuing their dreams. They've both won scholarships and are studying opera at the University of Cape Town. South African College of Music - South Africa's budding opera stars. Hear the powerful new voices from the townships! Global Living Rooms - Guatemala - Maria Candelaria Gabriel, from San Juan Comalapa, lives with her children in a house made from recycled materials. She also works at home, as a weaver. The Guatemalan gives us a tour of her unusual abode.

Visit the Website: http://www.dw-world.de/english/global3000

Episode #541 / Length: 26 minutes