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KLRU Schedule | Global 3000
Tackling The Taliban With A Tv Heroine

Climate: Philippinenes: How the Fishing Industry is Tackling Climate Change - The Verde Island Passage in the northern Philippines is home to more documented species than any other marine habitat on earth. But this biodiversity is increasingly under threat from coastal erosion and rising water temperatures. The Conservation International (CI) environmental organization helps fishermen change their practices and thereby preserve fish stocks. During 'closed season', they can concentrate on alternative sources of income, such as tourism. Taking on the Taliban - Pakistan's Favorite Action Heroine - "Burka Avenger" is a Pakistani TV series currently making waves in the troubled country. The animation series stars a Burka-clad superheroine fighting the Taliban and corrupt politicians. She's even popular beyond Pakistan's borders and has become a talking point on Twitter, in Blogs and on Youtube. The show airs every Sunday on Pakistan's biggest TV station. Burka Avenger's alter ego is Jiya, a teacher at a girls' school. But not everyone approves of her: although they disagree on the reasons why, religious fundamentalists and women's rights activists don't think a burka has an place in a TV show like this one. Its fans couldn't care less. Ghana: The Fisherman Turned Boxing Champion - Some of the best boxers in the world come from Ghana - from Bukom, a neighborhood of the capital, Accra, to be precise. Many young men hope that they can flee poverty by becoming professional boxers. Joshua Okine wants to be the best. His father and his grandfather were fishermen, but he's been training twice a day for12 years to become world champion in the welterweight category, for boxers who weigh less than 66 kilos. His manager pays him 160 euros a month. He takes part in three to four professional fights a year and his ambition is unflagging. "Bottled Life" - The Lucrative Business of Water - In many countries, fresh water is simply a question of turning on a tap. So why do so many people buy it plastic bottles? It's a question the film "Bottled Life" sets out to answer. In it, director Urs Schnell and journalist Res Gehriger investigate Nestle, one of the most powerful players in the lucrative bottled water business. Grassroots movements against the company have proliferated in recent years - especially in the US, where Nestle sources water from small communities at low prices and sells it all over the world at a huge profit.

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Episode #540 / Length: 26 minutes