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KLRU Schedule | Global 3000
Poor And Hiv Positive In Louisiana

The Indonesian Way - Java attracts tourism with sustainable recovery: Indonesia is pursuing a policy of eco-friendly sustainable tourism. It is also trying to undo the damage caused to coastal areas of Java by a tsunami in 2006. The two aims come together in a mangrove reforestation and coral reef seeding project near the resort of Pangandaran. It is organised by an NGO called INDECON and funded by Germany. Local people have already planted 35,000 young mangrove plants along the coast. School children monitor their growth and learn to care about the environment. Mangroves protect the shoreline from powerful waves and provide shelter for fish. Coral reefs also sustain many forms of life and help protect the shoreline. Cruise Ships - Toxic Waste on the High Seas: More than twenty million people go on cruises each year. Cruise ships burn heavy oil full of pollutants, which are emitted unfiltered into the atmosphere. It does not have to be this way. If the vessels burned diesel instead, the emissions would be significantly reduced, though the fuel costs would rise. Incentivizing the protection of endangered species: Namibia beats poaching Poachers kill millions of wild animals across Africa each year - for their meat, pelts or ivory. Namibia has developed a system involving game wardens and villagers to make it worthwhile not to kill. It appears to be working very well. Poor and HIV positive in Louisiana: In the poorer parts of the United States it can be hard for poor people to get good treatment or any treatment at all if they are HIV positive or have full-blown AIDS. Budget cuts mean some authorities are providing reduced care. Clinics in remote areas can be understaffed.

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Episode #523 / Length: 26 minutes