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KLRU Schedule | Global 3000
A Catholic Clash Over Contraceptives In The Philip

Singin' It Loud: The Burmese Girl Band That's Breaking With Tradition - After decades of military rule, Burma has witnessed dramatic social change in the last two years, including a relaxing of strict censorship rules. What do these new developments mean for the younger generation? Global 3000 meets the Me N Ma Girls, a popular girl band. These five young women are role models for young girls. Their brand of politically charged pop is challenging conventions and breaking with tradition. Feeling the Beat - Finnish Rapper Signmark - Signmark, alias Marko Vuoriheimo, from Finland is a rapper - and he's deaf. His message to deaf people is that they need to stand up for their rights! He's never seen his deafness as a hindrance in his career and says that he and his band are a well-practiced team. If the rest of the world knew sign language, he says, he wouldn't need an interpreter. So is he disabled or just a linguistic minority? Solar Sister - Solar Power is Empowering Ugandan Women - 95 percent of the population in Uganda has no electric power in their homes and relies on paraffin lamps for lighting. But not only is kerosene expensive, it's also a serious pollutant. Set up in 2010, the project Solar Sister has now provided almost 32,000 Ugandans with solar technology - and trained women as saleswomen. They're earning a living, helping their community and protecting the environment. In the course of ten years, a solar lamp saves over 600 liters of kerosene and that means CO2 savings of 1.5 tons. Solar Sister hopes to have helped save 10 million tons of CO2 over the next ten years. The Philippines - Is Contraception a Sin? - The state of the Philippines is strictly Catholic, and most people believe that it's their duty to have children. But a new bill is designed to reduce the country's high birthrate, with free condoms and improved reproductive health education. But bishops are calling the bill's supporters 'terrorists'. The soaring birthrate is taking its toll on social services and public infrastructure, let alone the job market. But even so, the new bill is deeply divisive.

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Episode #512 / Length: 26 minutes