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KLRU Schedule | Global 3000
Environmental Crises In The Garden Of Eden

Iraq: The Cradle of Civilization - The West sees Iraq as a country in chaos, devastated by war. But there's another side to it. It's home to vast wetlands - believed to be the original Garden of Eden - drained and turned into desert by Saddam Hussein. Efforts to restore them began in 2003. But the wetlands are now once again threatened, this time by a major Turkish dam project on the upper reaches of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. Locals fear for their livelihoods and environmental activists are concerned that a unique ecosystem will be irreversibly destroyed. DC Climate Warriors - In recent years, more than three dozen climate change pressure groups have been set up in the US. Their aim: To convince Americans that climate change is a fiction. But others in American warn of the pernicious influence of lobbyists on Congress. For climate activists, big polluters are shaping Washington's decisions. Young Global Leaders - Latin America: Christina K. Lopes - For decades, Latin America was plagued by dictatorships, poverty and violence. But things there have changed of late. DW has caught up with one of our six Young Global Leaders in Latin America. The leaders are those we think will shape the world of tomorrow - in the fields of business, politics, science and sports. Christina K. Lopes is from Brazil, a country whose booming economy has inspired all of Latin America. We talked to the investment fund manager about Brazil's economic prowess, leadership in Latin America and women's rights. Cleaner Vietnam - Biogas from Cassava - Vietnam is one of the 10 biggest producers of cassava in the world. Its manufacture involves generating large quantities of wastewater. The starch in the latter ferments and creates methane - a highly toxic climate killer. The Daklak Tapioca Factory in central Vietnam is now collecting the gas as an energy source and using it to operate the facility. The process helps reduce coal consumption, thereby cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

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Episode #505 / Length: 26 minutes