Antenna - 18
AT&T U-verse - 18 / 1018 (HD)
Grande - 9 / 309 (HD)
Time Warner - 9 / 1541 (HD)
Direct TV - 18
Dish - 18

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Antenna - 18-2
AT&T U-verse - does not carry
Grande - 283
Time Warner - 1542
Direct TV - does not carry
Dish - does not carry


Antenna - 18-3
AT&T U-verse - does not carry
Grande - 284
Time Warner - 20 / 255 (HD)
Direct TV - does not carry
Dish - does not carry


Antenna - 18-4
AT&T U-verse - 3015
Grande - 285
Time Warner - 610
Direct TV - 410
Dish - 846 / 9414 (HD)

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Expression Painter, Edvard Munch (the Scream) Fete

DMY - International Design Festival: Designers from Poland are in the spotlight at Germany's largest design festival in Berlin. We profile the works of Agata Kulik and Pawel Pomorski from Gdansk. The husband and wife team work as the designer duo 'Malafor'. The Sporthocker Sport Stool: It's not just a comfy, little portable stool. It's now also a new sport - and it's Made in Germany. The Porsche 911: We report on the most famous of the Porsche sports cars - the 911 - that turns 50 this year. Royal Birth Souvenirs: Souvenirs commemorating the upcoming birth of Prince William and his wife Kate's baby are in big demand in Britain. We visit Margaret Tyler who's an expert on the subject at her modest home in a London suburb - the self-styled "Heritage House" - which contains a collection of more than 10,000 royal mementos. Edvard Munch Anniversary Exhibitions in Oslo: The expressionist painter Edvard Munch is Norway's most famous artist - and his masterpiece "The Scream" is his most famous work. Munch was born 150 years ago - and now an anniversary double exhibition at Oslo's National Gallery and the Munch Museum illuminates the darkness of his vision. With 250 exhibits in all, it's the most comprehensive retrospective of the artist's work to date.

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Episode #926 / Length: 26 minutes