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KLRU Schedule | Global 3000 | Episode #501

Toxins in the Wind - an insecticide used in India has destroyed entire families: For decades, plantations here sprayed the insecticide Endosulfan on crops. The consequences are devastating. Thousands of people are now terminally ill or already dead from the effects of the Endosulfan. For months, parents of sick and deformed children have been demonstrating in front of the building of the administration responsible for introducing the Endosulfan. They're demanding assistance and compensation for the incalculable suffering they've endured. Energy in the Wind - a Moroccan wind farm produces green energy: As Morocco's economy grows, it needs more and more energy - some ten percent more each year. A new wind farm outside Tangier is now one of the country's biggest and most promising energy providers. Morocco still has to import most of its energy resources. But that is set to change. Wind farms like the 140-megawatt Tanger outside Tangier are producing an ever growing share. The skills and technology are key to further development. On the Tourist Frontier - Laos faces an invasion from the West: After conquering Thailand and parts of Indonesia, the backpacker crowd has set its sights on Laos. The mostly young, Western tourists come here looking for adventure and a place to party at rock-bottom prices. In Vang Vieng in the heart of Laos, they feel they can let it all hang out. Aside from the few people who do business with the tourists, most Laotians have difficulty relating to the often inebriated and scantily clad tourists. Many find their behavior downright obnoxious, but their customs prevent them from openly criticizing guests. They often feel overwhelmed by the tourist onslaught, creating an atmosphere of tension in a country that has only just begun to open to the West.

Visit the Website: http://www.dw-world.de/english/global3000

Episode #501 / Length: 26 minutes