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KLRU Schedule | European Journal
Immigrant Riots In Peaceful Sweden

Sweden: Riots Erupt in Immigrant Suburbs - For the last week, militant youths have set fire to cars on the outskirts of Stockholm. Rioting like this is unusual in Sweden and has attracted much media attention, as the country has long been considered a model of how to integrate immigrants. The riots were triggered by the death of a 69-year-old immigrant who was shot by police. Officers say they acted in self-defense because the man was threatening them and brandishing a machete. Sweden takes in a larger percentage of foreigners than most of its European counterparts. But many young foreigners are disappointed by their lives in the suburbs. With a youth unemployment rate of around 25 percent they feel they have no future in Sweden. Turkey: Debate about Kurdish Village Guards - In Turkey, a dispute has broken out about whether to get rid of Kurdish village guards. Turkey once hired and armed these Kurds in an attempt to combat PKK guerilla fighters in mountainous regions. In some villages, Kurds wound up fighting Kurds. Following peace talks with Turkey, the PKK demanded that Turkey dissolve this paramilitary force, numbering some 60-thousand men. But more and more Kurds are voicing opposition to getting rid of the village guards. Belgium: Three-Star Accommodation for the Homeless - In winter, many of Brussels' street people are able to spend the night in a hotel. A manager with a big heart provides them with free accommodation. But the operator of the Mozart Hotel, Ahmed Ben Abderrahman, does set some rules. Homeless guests must shower and change their clothes on a daily basis. During the cold spell in January, the hotel provided refuge for over 50 street people, but paying guests barely noticed their presence. The hotel manager organizes donations of clothing and money for his homeless guests. He says he goes to all this trouble because he's a Muslim and views Islam as a religion of sharing. Switzerland: Banks Implement "Clean" Money Strategy - Bowing to international pressure, Swiss banks say in future they will only handle foreign money that's been legally declared and taxed in the account holder's home country. The banks are now demanding written proof that foreign clients have paid taxes on funds in their homeland. If customers don't supply such proof, Swiss banks plan to cease doing business with them. German investors are currently being contacted in writing. Switzerland had already agreed to implement tougher banking regulations in 2010. Romania: Parkour in Derelict Industrial Sites - Its factories once ensured the people of Tecuci, in eastern Romania, modest prosperity. But globalization and structural change led many plants to close down and the buildings are falling to ruin. For many, especially those who lost their jobs, the abandoned industrial sites are a sad symbol of the area's demise. But for young free runners, they're a dream come true.

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Episode #3122 / Length: 26 minutes