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KLRU Schedule | European Journal
The Rise Of Anti-semitism In Eastern Europe

Hungary: The Rise in Anti-Semitism - Hungary is home to the third largest Jewish population in Europe. That community is feeling increasingly under threat, as anti-Semitic discourse enters the mainstream. Jews in Hungary are facing a rise in physical and verbal assaults. One member of parliament recently called for Jewish citizens to be registered separately by the authorities as potential "national security risks". This May Day saw a gathering of thousands of ultra-right-wingers in Budapest. The event was organised by the right-wing Jobbik Party - the third biggest political force in the Hungarian parliament. Italy: Aftershocks from the Earthquake - One year on from the major earthquake in the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy, things have still to settle. Reconstruction has still to really pick up. Property damage in this wealthy part of Italy is often only being resolved on a makeshift basis. The builders and authorities in the areas affected are in despair, with support from in Rome minimal. Given the financial crisis facing the country, the government is unlikely to deliver the assistance originally promised. France: Return of the Royalists - Europe's royal families are always a favorite focus for the tabloid media. There is another group now delighted to see the new king of the Netherlands ascend the throne: France's royalists. The interest across Europe in the coronation of Willem-Alexander, the new king of the Netherlands, has been great news for French royalists. The new generation of pro-monarchists comprising the Action Francaise group dream of a France as it was prior to the French Revolution of 1789 war: a monarchy instead of a classic democracy. Their old-fashioned views have failed to gain much popularity, however - until now. Cyprus: The Power of the Church - The Cypriot orthodox church is said to own property worth billions of euros. Now it wants to help the bankrupt island state by mortgaging its assets. Relations between the state and church are close in Cyprus. The church owes much of its wealth to tax breaks. It now remains to be seen whether or not the head of the church, Archbishop Chrysostomos II, will stick to his pledge.

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Episode #3121 / Length: 26 minutes