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KLRU Schedule | European Journal
A Shortage Of Physicians Costing Lives In Poland

Britain/Bulgaria - scare tactics - Earlier this year, it emerged that the British government had actually considered whether to launch a negative ad campaign designed to scare off jobseekers coming from Bulgaria and Romania. Now some smart Bulgarians have been turning the tables on the British. Starting in 2014, Bulgarians and Romanians will have the right to work anywhere in the EU. Some people in Britain are worried they'll see a huge wave of immigrants similar to that from Poland in 2004. News of a possible advertising campaign designed to discourage would-be immigrants has outraged many in Bulgaria, because since their country joined the EU, tens of thousands of Britons have been buying Bulgarian houses. So why are the Brits moving in? A group of Bulgarian artists explain... Lithuania: the Charlemagne Prize for Grybauskaite - One of Europe's most coveted awards has gone to Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite this year. She's being honored for her dedication to Europe. Since 1950 the Charlemagne Prize has been awarded for special contributions to European integration. The jury praised Dalia Grybauskaite's courage and discipline in overcoming widespread uncertainty at home and leading her country through the financial crisis, and closer to European Monetary Union. Dalia Grybauskaite has been Lithuania's president since 2009. After her country joined the European Union, she began working at the European Commission, first in education and culture, and later as budget commissioner. Poland: A shortage of doctors costs lives - Poland has a medical emergency. Doctors are leaving for better paid jobs in other EU countries. Many Poles have been left to rely on the emergency services. Dominika was just two-and-a-half years old. She suddenly came down with a fever and her parents called the emergency services in the small town of Skierniewice. But no doctor had time. By the time a doctor saw Dominika, it was too late. She didn't survive. Her fate has sent shockwaves through Poland, because it illustrates a dramatic situation. The country does not have enough doctors, nurses or other caregivers. Spain: The jobless turn to sheep farming - In Spain there's a new career niche for the unemployed. In Andalusia, qualified masons, waiters and academics are learning the basics for jobs as goat herders or shepherds. It's a pilot project: Experienced breeders teach jobless people the practical applications. Agricultural engineers or veterinarians teach the theory. The shepherd schools are financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Participants hope they'll soon be making a living as shepherds, pig farmers or donkey breeders - all jobs with a future in Spain.

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Episode #3119 / Length: 26 minutes