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KLRU Schedule | European Journal
France - Where Working Moms Are Welcome

Germany: Terrorists on Trial - Beate Zschape, alleged to be the only surviving member of the far-right National Socialist Unterground terror cell, is to be the main defendant in what is already a highly publicized trial. Zschape is accused of complicity in the murders of ten people, including nine people of Turkish and one ethnic Greek. Also among the list of charges are bank robbery, arson and membership of a terrorist organization. Zschape denies having been an accessory to the crimes. Joining her in the dock are four more alleged accomplices. Public scrutiny of the trial is sure to be intense. Even the selection of spectators has been subject to criticism; as things stand, Turkish reporters will not be among them. Czech Republic: Opening up to History - Wariness about ethnic Germans expelled from the Sudetenland in the wake of World War II have long clouded German-Czech relations. Now, one Czech village is determined to combat the fears and clear away the cliches. After the Second World War, some three million ethnic Germans had to leave their homes in Czechoslovakia behind and resettle in West Germany or further afield. Most the people who moved into their houses and villages didn't want to know about the previous residents. The citizens of the tiny village of Dekov are different, are however. They've been avidly researching the German history of their region - and helping to overcome the prejudices. France: Working Moms Are Welcome - A lot of young mothers in France go back to work within a few months of giving birth - safe in the knowledge that their babies are in good hands. France has a relatively positive image in Europe when it comes to child care. The law makes free nursery schools available to children from the age of three. And there's an abundance of day-care centers and nannies - especially in and around Paris. The system makes it easier for young mothers to balance work and family. Turkey: Beards Booming on the Bosporus - Hair transplants are more popular than ever in Turkey. Istanbul alone has over 250 special clinics now also offering beards. The latest hit in this growing sector is beard-transplant trips. For around €2,000, follically challenged men get the full package: a new set of facial hair as well as the accompanying medication, a blood test and two nights in a hotel. This new type of transplant tourism is particularly popular among men from Arab countries. Whether for a tiny moustache or full beard - patients only spend six hours in the clinic, giving them plenty of time to explore Istanbul.

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Episode #3115 / Length: 26 minutes