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KLRU Schedule | Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
Episode #1631

India Sex Selection - Recent attacks on women in India have spotlighted gender inequality there. In India, boy children have been preferred over girl children for centuries, in part because only boys can carry on the family's lineage, and also because the family must provide a dowry when their daughter gets married-even though dowries have been outlawed for half a century. As Fred de Sam Lazaro reports, the abortion of female fetuses has meant five boy babies are born to only four girl babies, but rising prosperity in India has led some families to view girls and boys as being of equal value. Keeping the Sabbath - The fast pace of life and the many distractions created by technology have led a Presbyterian pastor in Virginia to experiment with taking one day a week with her family without computers, work or even errands a day for "holy time." As Judy Valente reports, the idea is, for at least one day a week, to stop producing more and more, and learn to be content and appreciate the gift of that day the Sabbath. Jim Wallis - Bob Abernethy and Kim Lawton interview the social activist and CEO of Sojourners magazine about his new book On God's Side. Wallis advocates solving the country's major problems through a national Christian conversion that emphasizes serving "the common good."

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Episode #1631 / Length: 26 minutes