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KLRU Schedule | Drexel Interview | Fengming Liu

Fengming Liu is associate general counsel for the Microsoft Corporation. Liu, currently on a sabbatical from Microsoft and serving as a visiting fellow at Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy, came of age during China's Cultural Revolution. He discusses that period of turmoil and the transition he made from digging potatoes in the countryside to attending China's most prestigious law school, Peking University, as part of the first law class following the Cultural Revolution. With additional law degrees from two American universities, Liu is able to speak authoritatively on the differences between Chinese and American legal education. He also discusses evolving notions of client-attorney confidentiality in China. He explains that China is becoming more selective about the type of business investments it wants to attract and its particular interest in companies with clean technology. Finally, Liu addresses America's concern about respect for intellectual property in China; he notes that strides have been made in this area and also observes that, while some censorship continues to exist, access to information is increasing.

Visit the Website: http://www.drexel.edu/thedrexelinterview

Episode #130 / Length: 26 minutes