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Grande - 284
Time Warner - 20 / 1268 (HD)
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Antenna - 18-4
AT&T U-verse - 3015
Grande - 285
Time Warner - 881 / 1269 (HD)
Direct TV - 410
Dish - 846 / 9414 (HD)

KLRU Schedule | Nature's Power Revealed | Power Of Fire

This episode follows the astonishing destructive force of volcanoes and how they have shaped the landscape. It examines volcanoes both recent and in the past, including Mt. Vesuvius in Pompeii, and its effect on life at the time. Nature gives no true warning of when a volcano will erupt, and this makes its power all the more terrifying and devastating. Only about 9.5% of the earth is solid, including the iron core. State of the art graphics show how the molten interior expands with the heat of the core, rising towards the cooler surface, which then causes the material to contract and sink, only to go through the same process again, creating a constant churning cauldron of molten rock. This driving engine of energy is always looking for a weakness, always trying to break through the crust that contains it - and sometimes, it does. When this happens, we get a glimpse of the fiery turmoil within; it is no accident that the name volcano comes from Vulcan, the ancient Roman god of fire.

Episode #101 / Length: 58 minutes