Antenna - 18
AT&T U-verse - 18 / 1018 (HD)
Grande - 9 / 309 (HD)
Time Warner - 9 / 1221 (HD)
Direct TV - 18
Dish - 18

KLRU Create

Antenna - 18-2
AT&T U-verse - does not carry
Grande - 283
Time Warner - 1270
Direct TV - does not carry
Dish - does not carry


Antenna - 18-3
AT&T U-verse - does not carry
Grande - 284
Time Warner - 20 / 1268 (HD)
Direct TV - does not carry
Dish - does not carry


Antenna - 18-4
AT&T U-verse - 3015
Grande - 285
Time Warner - 881 / 1269 (HD)
Direct TV - 410
Dish - 846 / 9414 (HD)

KLRU Schedule | Haunted Texas: Peyton Colony | Pilot

A half hour visual exploration into the history of Peyton Colony, Texas in the Texas Hill Country. Going back in time the program introduces you to the people and places that existed in Peyton Colony also known as Freedman's Colony, a settlement established by former slaves after the Civil war. As the story of this unique area unfolds, HAUNTED TEXAS, reveals the mysterious nature of certain events occurring today. New residents in the vicinity of this abandoned community report visions of African Americans dressed in period clothing, as if time never passed. The producers along with the show's host, Jeanine Plumer, interview current property owners and descendants of those who established the colony. They investigate the possibility of ghosts, spirits or angels that may exist in the area with highly sensitive recording equipment during an eerie late cold night. This is a revealing program about the possibility of spirits remaining behind. Steeped in history and fact, HAUNTED TEXAS creates a compelling approach to history that audiences young and old, from all walks of life will find intriguing.

Visit the Website: http://www.hauntedtexas.com/

Length: 26 minutes