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KLRU Schedule | Through My Eyes: The Charlie Kelman Story
Episode Details

Through My Eyes: The Charlie Kelman Story celebrates the jazzy double life of medical maverick Dr. Charles D. Kelman, the saxophone-playing ophthalmologist who reinvented cataract surgery with his groundbreaking phacoemulsification procedure. The one-hour documentary is at once a fascinating study of scientific discovery; a rumination on the dynamic of fathers and sons; a cloak-and-dagger adventure; and a one-of-a-kind success story launched at the intersection of failure, fame and fate that gives hope to anyone who has ever harbored a secret dream. Discover why millions of cataract, gall bladder, brain, and spinal cord surgery patients worldwide have Chubby Checker to thank for their quick recovery - and how a visit to the dentist paved the way for today's medical business model. Interviews with Dr. Kelman's friends, foes, colleagues, wife, daughter, and the late Dr. Kelman himself are interspersed with performance footage of the showman surgeon in an exploration of a man who reached the pinnacle of success in the wrong profession. From the driven young New Yorker with dreams of pop music stardom to his revolutionary surgical procedure, polarizing business practices, and receipt of some of the highest honors in science and technological innovation, Dr. Kelman's story is one of modern medicine's most compelling narratives.

Visit the Website: http://wliw.org/kelman

Length: 58 minutes