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KLRU Schedule | East Of The Blue Ridge: The James River
Episode Details

EAST OF THE BLUE RIDGE series is a journey along the James River through the eyes of those most intimate with this historic waterway. The banks along America's earliest European-American and African- American settlements are now home to more than 75 registered landmarks. EAST OF THE BLUE RIDGE captures the sights and sounds of the river from its source in Jamestown, with stops at Pony Pasture for fly-fishing, along a slave trail that begins in the James River park system, in a wilderness park located in downtown Richmond, and finally, on a bateau (flat-bottomed riverboat) ride during the annual festival. The program contains personal reflections from environmentalists, historians, colorful locals, river enthusiasts and water sportsmen as they recall the river's rich and sometimes troubled past. They also celebrate how it is enjoyed and maintained by neighbors and visitors today.

Length: 57 minutes


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