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Episode #103

series: Dickensian

air date: 1/04/18 12:30 AM

Word is out about the murder and the local community speculate and gossip about who the villain might be. Scrooge, Marley's partner, refuses to indulge Fanny in her love of gruesome detail. He is becoming suspicious that Edward Barbary can't pay his debts, but coughs up more money to Arthur Havisham when he realises he has shares in the Brewery. Bucket is following up details found in Marley's journal. He knows from Scrooge and a name in the journal, that the murdered man saw "Nancy", that night. Bucket goes to see Fagin, who he knows of old, and asks him if he sent a girl called Nancy to Marley, and if he still uses Bill Sikes as protection for the girls? As Bucket puts the pressure on the old man, Fagin caves and gives Sikes address. Bucket gives him two days to send Nancy to the station. A furious Sikes is duly arrested as a cosh is found in his room, and he's slung in the cells to simmer down. But Venus has to dash Bucket's hopes; the splinter from Marley's head didn't come from this weapon. What's more, Little Nell can vouch for her Grandfather's presence by her sickbed at the time of the murder. Bucket's list of suspects is getting shorter all the time... Mrs Gamp has her eye on a home in the pub; The Three Cripples. Her strategy is to become indispensable as a nurse to one-legged landlord, Silas Wegg. She'll get as many free gins as possible out of the arrangement along the way. While Honoria and Captain James enjoy a carefree day out together, Frances Barbary is setting out to dash their hopes of marriage. A colleague of Hawdon's brings a message to the house telling the Captain that he can secure his much needed promotion if he gets to the barracks by six that evening. Frances assures him that she'll pass this on; but she burns the message and never says a word. When Honoria returns, Frances reveals to her the extent of the ruin the family are facing.

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