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Old And New

series: Bob The Builder

air date: 11/23/17 12:00 PM

The Silver Shield: Bob and the team are at Fixham Castle, clearing a courtyard and restoring a bricked-up archway. When Scoop learns the story of The Legend of the Silver Shield, he becomes transfixed on finding the artifact, said to be buried in the surrounding are. As Scoop digs for treasure, he gets too close to the wall and causes it to become unstable. While team repairs the wall, Wendy notices that the statue of Sir Roger is pointing at something. The team excitedly ventures to the area and Scoop digs up a stunning find-the Silver Shield! Bob returns it to the statue and the pieces shine marvellously. Learning Goals: To explore past and present. To identify real and pretend. To recognize an architectural shape, the arch. City Beach: Bob and the team are creating a temporary city beach for Spring City's summer season. Mr. Bentley hopes win the 'Blue Ribbon', an award for the cleanest, safest beach. The Machines become anxious when they learn that the inspector could be disguised as anyone. In a panic, they cause a mess on the site. They desperately try to clean it, but as the real inspector approaches with Mr. Bentley, it appears they've run out of time. The Spring City Rockets swoop in and offer their help. Impressed with their community spirit, the inspector awards Spring City with the Blue Ribbon. Learning Goals: To promote team work and its advantages and rewards. To explore why keeping calm is a benefit. To look at one way to keep things tidy and neat.

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