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Cell Phones And Development: Start-up Boom In Keny

series: Global 3000

air date: 1/01/14 6:30 PM

Augmenting Humanity - Biopunks - IT developer Tim Cannon is a biohacker from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He invents devices and programs software that can measure and analyze bodily functions - as implants in the human body. They go by names like BIO Curious, Grindhouse, Wetware and Genspace. Their laboratories can often be found in kitchens, basements and garages. Biohackers want to get biomedical products onto the market faster and more cheaply than the large pharmaceuticals companies - for instance, a printer that can "print" human skin and biosensors that react before an illness breaks out. Cannon has had a device implanted to monitor all his bodily functions. Fashion Online - the blogger Audrey Leighton - Audrey Leighton is an American who lives in Paris and blogs in English. More than two million people worldwide read her blog. You no longer have to wait for the next issues of printed fashion magazines to find out about the latest trends and news from the catwalks. Fashionistas can read about them at the click of a mouse. And the bloggers can write what they want, uncensored and in their own style, without pesky editors. Leighton has developed a successful business model, and she captures the spirit of the times, because she makes sure the garments she presents are affordable. Leighton, too, wants to do some designing herself in the near future. Global Living Rooms: Geringswalde, Germany - Matthias Ungethum from the small town of Geringswalde in Saxony shows us his living room. Here the one-time hacker lives and works within 22 square meters. Nowadays Ungethum uses his hacking abilities for his work. As a penetration tester he evaluates companies' IT security. Cell phones and development - Start-up boom in Kenya - Africas cell phone market is growing like no other in the world. But hardly anyone here can afford a modern smartphone. Cheap mobile phones are widespread, and young IT developers in Nairobi have specialized in them. They invent and test systems designed to improve people's lives in Kenya. The M-PESA app, for instance, allows people to make cashless payments on electricity, water, hotel or shopping bills. Argentina: Best Friends - Facebook conquers Latin America - Brazil and Argentina have developed into dynamic markets for social media. The user numbers for global player Facebook have skyrocketed in the past few years. In Argentina, more than a third of the population has internet access. The idea of personal privacy hardly plays a role at all. People who have grown up with computers, mobile phones and the internet often allow others to look deep into their private lives. But in Catholic, conservative Argentina, more and more attention is being paid to sensitizing young people to the topic of the private sphere and strengthening their digital skills.

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