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Huge Reservoir Discovered In African Desert

series: Global 3000

air date: 10/30/13 6:30 PM

Ecuador: The Galapagos Island Under Threat From Climate Change - Ecuador's Galapagos Islands are a Unesco World Heritage site and home to flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world. But one in five native plants as well as nearly 50 percent of its endemic wildlife are under threat from climate change. Rising ocean temperatures are making it harder for species such as the famous Galapagos penguin and the giant tortoise to survive. A number of changes to the energy sector - such as the introduction of clean electricity - are helping. The island of Floreana has already switched completely to electricity produced by jatropha seeds, which grow in the Manabi region in mainland Ecuador. Jatropha production is also bringing an economic upswing to farmers. India: A Woman Going Her Own Way -- in a Delhi Auto-rickshaw - Auto-rickshaws are an integral part of Delhi's cityscape, despite attempts over the years to ban them. Tourists love them and they provide many Indians with an income - men, at least. Sunita Chaudarhy is the city's only female auto-rickshaw driver. As a woman in a business that employs about 60,000 men, Sunita turns heads wherever she goes. She originally comes from a village about 100 kilometers northeast of Delhi. Married off at 14, she was beaten up by her husband but managed to escape. Now, she makes it her mission to help other victims of domestic violence. Water in the Desert - German Experts Discover Underground Reservoir in Namibia - Water is in short supply in northern Namibia, the most densely settled part of the country. In the past, the water supply has come entirely from canals leading from neighboring Angola. But these are often dilapidated and inefficient. Now, the German Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) has discovered a massive reservoir 300 meters underground in the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin. Over 10,000 years old, the reservoir extends all the way to Angola and contains enough water to supply the entire region for 400 years. The BGR is now working closely with the Namibia Water Corporation to see how the water supply can be managed sustainably. Global Snack Montenegro: Cevapcici - The "Pod Volat" guesthouse in Podgoriza, the capital of Montenegro, serves up a grilled snack called 'Cevapcici' that's popular all over the country: mincemeat served with flatbread.

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