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The Rush To Save The Habitat Of Millions Of Africa

series: Global 3000

air date: 9/06/13 5:00 PM

Tanzania: The Serengeti must survive - The Serengeti National Park is in danger. Climate change, poaching and a constantly growing population in the immediate surrounding area are threatening to disrupt animal migration and destroy the whole eco-system. Millions of animals move about the savannah in search of food and water, but climate change has altered the rainy and dry seasons. That affects many animals' food sources. We look at how the Frankfurt Zoological Society is working together with park authorities to save the animals' habitat. Myanmar: Using design to improve agriculture - The husband-and-wife team of Jim and Debbie Aung Din Taylor started small in 2004, but today the founders of the socially responsible company Proximity Designs work together with Harvard and Stanford Universities. 2012 was their most successful year ever, as they were able to better the lot of Burmese farmers with over 500 projects. Those include foot-powered water pumps, simple-to-construct irrigation systems and mobile reservoirs which are both inexpensive and built to last. Products like these are the secret to success for the social entrepreneurs and their Rangoon design studio. Survey: Alejandro Miranda from Buenos Aires - Alejandro Miranda works in cooperative publishing house in Buenos Aires. He hopes his job can help increase appreciation for Latin American literature and culture. Germany: Bayreuth's Young Artists Festival - 2013 marks the 200th anniversary of Richard Wagner's birth, and the established classical music world is congregating in the composer's home town of Bayreuth. But amidst the anniversary celebrations, the city is also hosting another major event - its annual Young Artists Festival. This event features classical musicians from 34 different countries performing some 90 concerts and is actually a year older than the Wagner Festival, having been founded in 1950. The idea is to bring together people from various countries and walks of life. We stop by for a listen.

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