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Israelis And Palestinians Turn Friends Over Entrep

series: Global 3000

air date: 7/12/13 5:00 PM

Growth against Stasis - Help for Palestinian IT Start-ups: Said Nashif and Yadin Kaufmann could easily be enemies. Instead, the Israeli and the Palestinian are business partners. They've founded a venture capital firm that lends Palestinian IT start-ups seed capital and, as a side effect, is helping build trust among neighbors who have long lived in enmity. These entrepreneurs believe Israel's rise as a major IT player in the region could be repeated in the Palestinian territories. They say the potential is there: qualified young people who want to see change. Brazil - The solar project in Florianopolis: Solar power has so far played a minor role in Brazil. But now, with German aid, the country's largest photovoltaic power plant is being installed in the state of Santa Catarina, with a target capacity of 1 megawatt. Until now, only 2.5 MW of Brazil's power portfolio has been covered by solar, less than the 0.01% of the solar power share in Germany. Yet in the Earth's largest tropical country, the potential is unlimited. Brazil - More Sun On the Roof: Harnessing More Solar Power: Success Checks - How researchers test the effectiveness of development aid. Economist Esther Duflo from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tests the success of cooperative development projects. Duflo says there is far too little monitoring in the field of development aid. Many organisations fail to analyse their own projects, and mistakes tend to be overlooked. One of Duflo's critics is Helmut Asche, head of the German Institute for Development Evaluation. He, too, demands that aid projects be independently monitored, but says clinical trial-type studies are inappropriate and that other methods exist. SE Indonesia - Hydroelectric power for villages: A third of all Indonesians have no access to electricity. Agricultural engineer Tri Mumpuni refused to accept this state of affairs. Her non-profit organisation IBEKA, which she founded in 1993 with her husband Iskandar Kuntoadji, installs micro-hydro power plants in Indonesian villages. They not only supply electricity but also jobs and expertise into rural areas. 54,000 Indonesians are already profiting from this green power.

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