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A Drought Resistant Crop Raises Hopes For Fighting

series: Global 3000

air date: 6/05/13 6:30 PM

Egypt: Sexual Assaults on Female Protesters - It's sadly not a one-time occurrence: a large group of men drags a woman away from her friends. They surround her, and tear off her clothes. If she manages to escape, they chase after her. It doesn't matter whether she's wearing Muslim clothing or western. Harassment, physical attacks, mass sexual assaults: the number of crimes against women in Egypt has risen drastically over the past several months, particularly near Tahrir Square. Aid Programs for Ethiopia: The EU Helps Fight Climate Change - While the EU's policies on climate change aren't very popular in Europe, the commissioners in charge of climate policy and humanitarian aid have traveled to Ethiopia to try to improve things there. Kristalina Georgieva and Connie Hedegaard saw first-hand how EU development programs are benefitting local herders and farmers, by promoting more efficient use of resources. The programs are aimed at helping more people to provide for themselves. Nepal: Bio-Briquettes Take the Place of Firewood - Firewood is still a primary energy source in Nepal - especially in rural areas, where it's used for cooking and heating. But the forests are disappearing and the land where they stood is eroding away. An orphanage on the outskirts of the capital is trying something new. About ten kilometers south of the Nepalese capital Kathmandu is the Jharuwarashi orphanage. The children trample dead leaves into a fine dust, shred their own school papers, mix it all together with water and press it into molds to make their own bio-briquettes - and extra cash. The orphanage is financed from private donations, and conventional firewood is expensive. The International Year of Quinoa - The Bolivian highlands are home to a very special plant: Quinoa, the "golden grain of the Andes". It's rich in protein and minerals, and is extremely hardy and nutritious. With the International Year of Quinoa, the United Nations is hoping to raise awareness of the plant as a viable alternative crop for farmers in many parts of the world. It can even grow at altitudes of 4500 meters and endure extreme drought, thin air and frost. It's already being grown in Pakistan, Nepal and India.

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