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New York's Ambassadors On Wheels

series: Global 3000

air date: 5/24/13 5:00 PM

Renewable Energy in Lebanon - Because of frequent and lengthy power outages, many families and businesses in Lebanon make use of diesel generators, which pollute the environment. Wind turbines and photovoltaic systems are promising alternatives. A project initiated by the UN links up decentralized renewable energy sources to the grid. A net-metering system keeps track of how much green energy each small provider feeds into the grid. That earns the provider credits for energy to be taken from the grid at a later date. Child Workers and Their Union in Bolivia - Around the world an estimated 215 million children work on a regular basis. The prevailing view is that child labor must be abolished, but child workers in Bolivia -- and elsewhere -- argue there is no alternative for now, and are fighting for their rights. Child workers in Bolivia have set up their own labor union. They are demanding decent pay, working hours that do not conflict with the school day, and better conditions. They say they have to work to feed themselves and their families. In their eyes, child labor should only be banned when adults succeed in making enough to support their families. Questionnaire: Jana Stroe, a taxi driver in New York City, USA - Jana Stroe (57) from Romania has been driving a cab in New York for almost 26 years. As a proud New Yorker, she sees taxi drivers as ambassadors for the city. She loves driving and meeting people from all over the world. She works hard and hopes to see her son through law school. Chinese Nurses Prepare to Work in Germany - There is a shortage of caregivers and nurses in Germany, and plenty of well-qualified staff in China who are eager to work abroad. A commercial school in China prepares nurses to go and work abroad, teaching them the language of their destination country and informing them about the customs and culture there. A group of 150 are getting ready to come to Germany.

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