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The Medellin Losing Its Hold On Colombia

series: Global 3000

air date: 5/19/13 6:00 AM

COLOMBIA: The Medellin Model - An End to the Violence? - Medellin used to be considered the drugs capital of South America. Since a range of cultural and social projects have seen dramatic changes in its more deprived areas, however, the city is now seen as a model for urban transformation. At the same time, the war on criminal gangs is far from over. Rapper and graffiti artist Daniel Quiceno comes from the Comuna 13 neighborhood and used to be in a gang. He tells us how and where he got involved, and about the fears he still in the social work he does with local children. IRAN: Online Shopping in Tehran - Shopping via the Internet is now perfectly normal for many people across the globe. For the citizens of Iran, however, that concept remains part of a wider dream for greater freedom. Opportunities are now gradually emerging, however - such as Iran's first Internet store. 30-year-old Eshan Golabgir founded the country's first online shopping platform, based in Tehran. He dreams of seeing his company evolving into the Iranian equivalent of the established online commerce giants. INDIA: E-Waste Recycling by Hand - Better Conditions for Delhi's Waste Pickers - From household waste to old electronic parts - India's refuse problem has reached alarming proportions. The "rag pickers" of Delhi sift through rubbish dumps with their bare hands in the search for electronic waste that they can resell. The process is harmful both to the individuals involved and the environment. A German-Indian project aims to relieve the situation.

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