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E-readers Arrive In The 3rd World

series: Global 3000

air date: 4/26/13 5:00 PM

Ghana - Bamboo Bikes - Locally manufactured bikes are rare in Accra, Ghana's capital. But for several years, Ibrahim Djan Nyampong has been making bikes made of bamboo. Two years ago, he partnered with an Austrian company. These days, his high-end models retail for as much 2000 euros in Europe. Polluting the Oceans - Cruise Ships' Environmental Footprint - The cruise ship industry comes in for heavy criticism for its poor environmental record. Environmental groups accuse the sector of polluting the seas, with luxury liners disposing of their waste in the ocean and emitting huge amounts of CO2. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, cruise ships' wastewater disposal practices are creating marine dead zones. But passenger numbers are climbing - last year, 20 million holidaymakers booked a cruise. Nature Under Threat - Protecting the Prespa National Park - The Prespa region shared between Greece, Albania, and the Republic of Macedonia is home to a unique natural heritage. But the environment is increasingly under threat from deforestation, overgrazing and overfishing. Poverty is widespread, especially on the Albanian side. The German KfW Development Bank cooperated with local organizations in Albania, Macedonia and Greece to fund social projects aimed at curbing overexploitation on Prespa's natural resources.

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