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South Africa - Not Quite Yet A Rainbow Nation

series: Global 3000

air date: 4/05/13 5:00 PM

South Africa: The Dream of a Rainbow Nation - Under apartheid, interracial marriages were forbidden and contact between whites and blacks was prosecuted by the state. Thousands of people were found guilty of violating the Immorality Act, which could result in a long prison sentence. The provision of the act prohibiting interracial marriages wasn't repealed until 1985. Its effects are still felt today: interracial relationships are still the exception to the rule. Nelson Mandela's call for a Rainbow Nation has not been realized for many people here. Pippa Tshabalala and her husband Sekwa have been together since their school days. Although they have good jobs, they still have to fight prejudice across society. Brazil and the Environment - Biomass in Capela - In the northeastern part of Brazil, Capela is a center of the energy-intensive brick making industry. Until recently factories fueled their kilns by cutting down trees from the Caatinga -- a virgin forest that covers much of the region. But some have recently made the switch to biomass. New fuels range from wood chips that are byproducts of the furniture industry to bamboo and eucalyptus trees that are sourced from sustainable plantations. The factories also re-use the heat generated by their kilns to dry their bricks -- and use ash as compost. That makes production significantly more climate-friendly than conventional methods. Some are also investing in social projects, including literacy programs and environmental education for children. Social Entrepreneur: Christophe Chevalier - Romans-sur-Isere is a town in the French Alps that has been a traditional center for shoemaking. But most of the big shoemakers have left; well-known brands have moved their production to China or Turkey. But entrepreneur Christophe Chevalier is fighting the trend.

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